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Background: Our maternal grandfather had been a sort of “witch” doctor in his village before he had immigrated into the states many years prior. I mention this because he had extraordinary abilities and would tell me about the countless times that he had mended stray dogs’ broken bones in mere days using botanical procedures that I would have known absolutely nothing about, but I was amazed at how he would talk about regarding helping these animals heal within such a short timeframe. I mean bones take months to repair themselves. My grandfather also had lived in haunted houses and he would tell me stories before bed time which my mom was appalled by because she didn’t want to remember things that had happened. She didn’t want to even hint that she ever had believed for a minute that any of the things she thought she had witnessed had ever actually happened. She didn’t want my siblings and I to be involved in any way, and so with that my grandfather stopped coming around as often. I’ve always wondered if perhaps my siblings and I could have possibly inherited something passed down by my grandfather. Throughout most of my life bizarre occurrences had always taken place, my brother used to have premonitions and my sister? Well, she is exactly who the following story is about.



Circa early 2000s. I was twelve years old and my sister was five years old at the time. We slept in bunk beds in a bedroom that we shared. My sister being five was always very inquisitive about everything. She always had a question for a question and was a sharp kid. At some point she began talking to someone who, to me, wasn’t actually there. I tried telling my parents about it since I was highly concerned for my sister’s well being. They both waved it off as her just having an imaginary friend and being that I really looked up to my parents I left it at just that.



This went on for weeks on end. I was beginning to crack and then one day I eventually had snapped at my sister which I later regretted. But it kept happening over and over again. Every night she would wake up and talk to someone and I could never see anyone there. So one morning while we were having cereal for breakfast at the dining table I decided to bring it up to her and argued that what she claimed wasn’t true.



My sister stopped eating and sadly looked down while wiggling her feet around which dangled a couple feet off the floor. Again, I immediately regretted what I had said to her. She just looked so sad and I knew that I had hurt her feelings by saying that I didn’t believe her. After a couple minutes she picked up her spoon and began to eat again. She made eye contact with me and as I gazed into her honey brown eyes she suddenly said “I will show you that I’m not lying” to which I questioned “When?”... She paused for a brief moment as if thinking to herself then replied “Tonight”.



The day had eventually rolled by and we had, had dinner then headed upstairs after enjoying an hour of tv together in the living room with our brother who was a year older than my sister and slept in his own bedroom. We settled for bed; I climbed the side ladder to mine and my sister slept on the bottom bunk. After what seemed like an hour or so I was awoken up by the sound of whispering and I couldn’t really tell any words apart, but I knew it was my sister’s voice. I rolled my eyes in pure annoyance and after about a minute I sat up in my bed and leaned over to look down over the safety railing on the side.



Standing there right besides my sister’s bed was a boy who looked to me as if he were about seven years old and he was glowing this bright yellow and gold luminescent light. He looked right at me as if I had just interrupted a very intense conversation and I was being rude. I downright nearly peed myself right there and then. No longer was I sleepy nor did I have the courage to climb down and tell my parents. I just sat there in utter shock and I eventually laid back down and covered my face.



It was years before either my sister or I had mentioned anything about it. She was a preteen by then and I was in my late teens. We had gone out to lunch and I drove us back home. We were chillin’ (we had moved a couple times by then) in the living room playing Go Fish when I asked her “Hey, remember when you were little and you had that one friend you always spoke with in the middle of the night?” she stopped in her tracks then surprised me by nonchalantly replying “Yeah, his name was Luke. What about him?” to which I responded “Do you remember what you would talk about?”. My sister then made eye contact with me and said “Not really. I just remember that he was very lonely all the time and he was always in deep sorrow. He refused to communicate with anyone else but me. I don’t remember much of anything else, really.”

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