By: BritneyK

Location: NYC



This happened about three months ago. Ever since I was a kid and had seen Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho” I have been terrified of taking showers while I’m home alone or at an actual hotel. As crazy as it sounds I much rather prefer to wait until someone else returns home that way I’ll feel more comfortable while going about my business. So one day around mid January I found myself home alone. It was dead winter and I knew around what times there would be hot water available and went for it. I didn’t feel too great about showering while nobody else was at home, but I decided I’d risk it.


About ten minutes into my shower I heard the distinctive rattling of a doorknob and washed shampoo off my face to peek out from where I stood behind the curtain. Yes, the doorknob was for sure being messed with and as I observed this all of a sudden there were loud banging sounds on the other side of the door which nearly caused me to fall back. I was frozen in fear. I couldn’t utter a word for the life of me. It almost felt as though something was holding my tongue from the back of my throat which is a freaky enough sensation and that’s the best way I could describe it.


I wanted to scream, to curse, to say something... anything. But no sound made it’s way past my lips. The banging noises stopped and I took a deep breath, and just continued with my shower. About five minutes later I had finished up and stepped out of the tub. I wrapped myself in a towel and walked out into the hallway outside of the door while doing so I called out to every member of the household. There was no reply. I walked around the entire place and there was no one else there.


I felt stupid and creeped out at the same time. I began to sob uncontrollably. This went off and on for a few minutes while I put on some clothes and blow dried my hair. I looked at myself in a mirror and my reflection was genuinely spooked and concerned. But I eventually laid down and dozed off. Nothing more has happened since then and I want it to remain that way. 5CCC7210-0553-4566-8EBA-DE86760C3DB8.jpeg 

The only one who will truly ever get you is you.
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