By: BritneyK

Location: Yuba City, CA




This experience took place while I was a sophomore in high school, in the year 2000. I didn’t agree with the way my parents thought back then and I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music or live my life just like any other teenager at my age. I had (at the time I thought so) befriended this one classmate who always sat at the back of the classroom and kept to himself a whole lot. He wore baggy denim jeans and long dark flannel shirts everyday. His name was Adams.


Now a lot of you will most likely think me naïve and I really was at the time, but being that it was so darn difficult for me to visit any record stores without my dad finding out and destroying my cds which were my ONLY source of happiness I had resorted to handing a twenty over to Adams, and requested as a huge favor if he could pick up a metal music cd for me. He agreed and I took off on my way to the school bus line since this particular high school that I had been transferred to mid year was nearly an hour away from my house by car.


A week went by and Adams had began speaking to me less and less as the days blurred on by. Every time I’d bring up the cd he would change the subject until one day he just blurted out and with it admitted to the fact that he had long spent my money on himself and that I should shut up and not be so stupid next time because I wasn’t very smart at all.


Later that same day I arrived home early in the evening and I collapsed onto my bed, and fell asleep right away. I had this strange premonition type of dream. In my dream I had seen Adams riding his bike home. He made a sharp turn and had then swerved his bike in desperate attempt to avoid an oncoming pickup truck. It was too late, he collided onto the right side of the front bumper where he then proceeded to fly in the air and landed on the pavement in a very awkward ankle. I heard the loud cracking sounds of bones as they fractured.


I woke up in a panicked state of mind. I was drenched in sweat and was thirsty as hell. I took a minute before lazily strolling into the kitchen to grab myself some iced water. The vision in my dream replaying in my head over and over again. I managed to shrug it off eventually until I showed up to school the following week and Adams hadn’t attended his classes. Teachers and the school principal asked around then figured that perhaps he had fallen ill, and dismissed it. Tuesday rolled on by, no show. Wednesday, same thing. The days went on until days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.


After about three months Adams finally showed up. His right leg was incased in a cast. Several people were shocked to see him in such a vulnerable condition. When his eyes met mine his face fell and he looked as if he wanted to say something to me, and stammered “I-I’m sorry for what I di—“ I cut him off and blurted out “You were hit by a pickup truck, weren’t you? That’s why you’re all jacked up like that”.


He looked stung by what I had confessed to already knowing and after a few seconds regained his composure, and demanded to know how I knew if he hadn’t mentioned anything to anyone. Then he asked me “Did someone from the office tell you? Who was it? You should stay out of my business”... I held my tongue and simply walked away. As messed up as it may sound, I felt pleased in a way and smiled to myself because I believed that Karma had gotten him good for spending my money on himself and in the process, also screwing me over.

The only one who will truly ever get you is you.
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